Tape list

  • This is my digital tape list. I trade digital only.
  • I have one 2-head analog deck, I can help you with analog requests but they will end up at the bottom of my list of things to do.
  • I trade on a strictly non-profit basis and use new tapes only.
  • I won't use TDK / DIC / Verbatim / US (pre-gold) KAO or 'one-pass'. Please do not send me any of these brands of tape.
  • My decks handle 90m tapes well, so I don't mind using them.
  • I prefer MasterDAT, Fuji, Ampex and Maxell tapes.
  • In trades I expect (digital, non-compressed) clones only (no MD or DCC gens)
  • I check the quality of the tapes I send out, and intend to send out good tapes only. Of course I don't check the entire tape, so if you receive a tape with (undocumented) flaws from me, let me know and I'll replace it as soon as I can.

    Allman Brothers Band

    1996/06/22 .mp2 download Lakeside Amphitheatre, Darien Lakes, NY. dsbd This used to be one 90m tape (2.5hrs), but is currently sitting on 2x 60m. The second tape features Rolling Stones 10/17/73 as a filler.
    1997/03/19 Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY. daud Microtech Gefell M210 (hypercardioid) > Oade Bros. m248 mic preamp/48v PS > D7, at SB center, mics pointed at L&R stacks (163 min)

    Tori Amos

    1992 various bootleg CD "After the Rain" (all)
    1994/04/19 Palladium, Rome, Italy bootleg CD "Woman on a Mission" (partial, on a 60m with the 1992 stuff)
    1994 various bootleg CD "Fairy Tales" (partial, used as filler)
    1996/04/09 Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL. bootleg CD "Sellout: First night of the US tour" (all)
    1996/04/28 Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. daud Sonic Studios DSM6 > D7, Excellent recording (60m)

    Apollo 440

    1997/05/05 .mp2 download Liberation Festival, Haarlem, NL. daud CSB > D7, boomy, but very little talking. These dudes kick ass. They're much better live, than on a studio recording. If you're into jungle make sure you check these dudes out (± 1hr)

    Apricot Jam

    1998/09/11 Wool Warehouse, Albequerque, NM. dsbd all, w/Keller Williams 1998/09/11 on 1x90m

    Bluegrass All Stars (Sam Bush, Bela Fleck & Jerry Douglas)

    1997/11/02 The Station Inn, Nashville, TN. daud Schoeps CMC521 > Sonosax > SV255 >D7, Recorded 12 feet from the stage, center aisle. The show was a benefit for "United Neighbors: Up Against The Wal", treed as Bluegrass All Stars tree (154 min).

    Steve Earle & The Dukes

    1997/11/14 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nl. daud CSB > D8, taped by Jan, all (90m)
    1997/11/16 Bierhübeli, Bern, Switserland FM > DAT Aired on Swiss radio DRS3 (11/18/97), all (177 min), including interviews

    13th Floor Elevators (with Roky Erikson)

    1966/09/30 Avalon Ballroom, SF, CA. bootleg CD Live - "Rocky Horror Show" (50 min), on a 60m tape with the 10/31/84 show below. Mediocre quality.

    Roky Erikson

    1984/10/31 Austin, TX. bootleg CD "Demon Angel", on a 60m tape with the 9/30/66 show above.

    Five Guys Named Mo

    1996/08/24 Terry's House, ?, MI. dsbd (90m)

    Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

    1992/12/05 Trax, Charlottesville, VA. daud Audiotechnica 4053 > DAT, FOB (2x 60m)
    1993/02/18 Birmingham, AL. dsbd all (120 min)
    1998/10/20 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN. daud Neumann KM140 > Sonosax > SV-255; all (90m)

    The Tony Furtado Band

    1998/07/08 The Elevation, Tahoe City, CA. dsbd all (90m)


    1998/02/20 Tipitinas, New Orleans, LA. dsbd set I and II (160 min)
    1998/02/23 Maple Leaf, New Orleans, LA. dsbd set I and II (158 min)
    1998/08/29 The Shake & Bake, Cornelius, OR. daud AKG-C3000 > DA-P1, all (one set only) (60m)

    Jerry Garcia Band

    1993/11/19 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA. daud AKG460 > DAT, all (90m)


    1996/03/13 The Drum Room, Kansas City, MO. dsbd all (90m)

    The Gourds

    1998/05/03 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL. daud CSB > D7, all, on a 90m tape with Slobberbone 5/3/98 (70 min)

    Greyboy Allstars

    1997/05/25 The Mercury, Austin, TX. dsbd all (90m)

    Grateful Dead

    My list of Grateful Dead tapes moved here.

    Jimi Hendrix

    1968/04/?? solo, acoustic, in someones NYC apartment, on a 90m with 1968/10/12
    1968/10/12 Winterland, San Francisco, CA. cd on a 90m with 1968/04/??

    John Hiatt & The Nashville Queens

    1997/09/16 .mp2 download Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSSC > D7, FOB; A good show and a very nice recording... (102 min)

    Hot Tuna

    1993/08/04 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI. dsbd (60m)
    1995/05/20 Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV. dsbd (60m)


    1996/04/13 Drew U., Madison, NJ. daud all (45 min)
    1996/09/25 Richard's On Richard's, Vancouver, B.C. FM > DAT all (50 min)
    1996 Atlanta, GA. FM > DAT Live-X (35 min)
    1997/07/09 Lilith Fair, Irvine, CA. FM > DAT all (52 min)


    1997/02/27 Kanal 23, Konstanz, Germany daud OKM-II > D3, acoustic set in record store (38 min)

    Katell Keineg

    1997/09/16 .mp2 download Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSSC > D7, FOB; Opening act for John Hiatt. Good artist with a great sound, very OK tape when listened to with head-phones. Sounds somewhat 'hollow' using my amp. Towards the end of the performance the soundlevels at the venue went up, and that part of the recording sounds better (37 min).

    KVHW - Steve Kimock, Bobbie Vega, Alan Hertz, Ray White

    1998/12/31 Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA. daud Nak 700 cardioids, crossed XY 110 degrees right center-stage between Ray White's vocal monitors > Sony D5M (as preamp only, on pause) > Sony D7, all (90m)

    Leftover Salmon

    1996/10/26 The Bayou, Washington, DC. daud Nakamichi CM300-CP1 > Nakamichi 100 (mixer) > D3, missing part of the encore, excellent sound (180 min)
    1998/04/22 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC. dsbd SBD > DA-P1, all, (90m)
    1998/05/02 World's Fair Park, Knoxville, TN. daud Schoeps CMC64->Sonosax->SV255->DAP-1; special guests: Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin (Flecktones) and Bill Nershi (SCI) (90 min)

    Los Lobos

    1992/09/29 .mp2 download Pittsburgh dsbd This excellent sounding part of their performance was used as a filler on a Tragically Hip tape. About 9 or 10 excellent sounding songs. Really nice filler, 33 minutes. I can lead you to the source for the full 2 hr DSBD-tape.


    1996/11/12 .mp2 download Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL. FM > DAT This was the 1996/11/24, Leidsekade Live, Radio3 FM, NL. broadcast of the Vredenburg Metallica show (± 80 min).


    1995/07/08 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY. dmatrix sbd/AKG-414 on stage (90m)
    1997/09/27 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA. daud Schoeps > SBM-1 > DA-P1, all, with fillers, treed as DooDah trees 4 (1x60m + 1x90m)

    Alanis Morissette

    1995/10/17 ?, Amsterdam, Nl. ? part, with fillers (60m)

    Alannah Myles

    1998/01/21 Bahnhof, Fischbach, Germany daud OKM-II > SBM-1 > D3, all (60m)

    Old & In The Way

    1996/06/23 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride, CO. ? (60m)

    Pearl Jam

    1993/10/19 Shoreline Amphitheater, S.F., CA. daud Schoeps CMC64s>Aerco P/S>D8, taped from sbd center (50 min)
    1993/11/05 Polo Fields, Indio, CA. dsbd sbd > CD > DAT; last part: Sonics > D6 > DAT (99 min)

    Phil & Phriends

    1998/02/27 Fillmore, SF, CA. daud (90m)


    My list of Phish tapes moved here.


    1964 Tangent Club w/ Jorma Kaukonen (30 min)
    1973/03/08 (35 min)

    Pink Floyd

    1975/06/18 date uncertain (60m)
    1977/05/09 Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, CA. bootleg CD 2x CDR

    Planet Drum

    1998/10/13 Park West, Chicago, IL. daud Schoeps CMC64 MK41 > Lunatech V2 > HHB, treed as DooDah-tree 25 (105 min).

    Planet Earth Rock 'n' Roll Orchestra

    1970/1971 Wally Heider's Studios, San Francisco, CA. sbd > reel > DAT great sound (60m).


    1995/08/09 The Casino, Hampton Beach, NH. dsbd all, partially CSB > D7 FOB (60m)
    1995/12/09 Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA. daud FOB, Schoeps, D8; Edwyn McCain filler
    1997/11/01 The Armory, Rochester, NY. daud Neumann KM184 > Beyer MV100 > DA-P1; this is an excellent tape (60m)
    1997/11/02 State Theater, Detroit, MI. daud Koss Mics set 15-20' apart in about row 15 > DAT; An excellent tape, treed as DooDah 14 (60m)

    Rolling Stones

    1973/10/17 .mp2 download Forest National, Brussels, Be. bootleg CD You hear it's from 1973, it's a nice filler, nothing special.
    1997/09/18 Double Door Club, Chicago, IL. daud Equipment unknown (90 min)

    Peter Rowan & Tony Rice

    1997/09/22 Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA. dsbd all (71 min)

    Peter Rowan & The Free Mexican Airforce

    1998/10/14 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC. dsbd all (139 min)

    The Sir Douglas Quintet & The Texas Mavericks

    1996/10/31 .mp2 download La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX. daud Sonics > D7; taped by Barry W., I amplyfied several softer parts of the tape and converted a 32 kHz part to 48 kHz. The tape improved, is very enjoyable, but still has some minor flaws. (137 min)

    Doug Sahm & The Last Real Texas Blues Band

    1997/08/01 .mp2 download Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSB > D8, FOB, taped by Jan. This might be the best sounding binaural-CSB tape I currently have (145 min)

    Merle Saunders

    1996/08/09 ?, Leadville, CO. dsbd all, Garcia tribute (90m)


    1998/05/03 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL. daud CSB > D7; all, on a 90m tape with The Gourds 5/3/98 (90 min); 2nd encore is with The Gourds

    Special K. Band

    1994/08/27 Urawa, Japan dsbd (60m)

    Bruce Springsteen

    1996/11/08 bootleg CD 'Freehold Night' CD's (155 min)
    1997/05/26 .mp2 download Palais des Congres, Paris, Fr. daud CSB > D8; Taped by Jan from section 2, seat P26. The tape sounds OK to me, but the levels are somewhat low. (90m)

    String Cheese Incident

    My list of String Cheese Incident tapes moved here.

    The Tragically Hip

    1996/09/30 .mp2 download 9:30 club, Washington DC FM or satellite > DAT I editted out some flaws. It sound OK to me now, except for a few stupid noise-bursts to hide swear-words. (75min)
    1996/10/01 Club Chameleon, Lancaster, PA. Filler: most of the 'Eat Me Completely' bootleg-CD (60m)
    1996/11/29 Corel Centre, Kanata, Ontario, Canada first encore missing due to diginoise (90m)
    1997/05/05 .mp2 download Liberation Festival, Haarlem, NL. daud CSB > D7; The little Canadian girls were screaming, the crowd was annoying, but the tape came out very listenable (B, B-) (85min)
    1997/05/12 .mp2 download Tivoli, Utrecht, NL. daud CSB > D8; taped by Jan. The tape is bass-heavy, but with some EQ-ing its fine (110min).


    1997/11/26 Atlanta, GA. daud CSSC > D8; Popmart tour (90m)

    Doc Watson

    1996/01/06 Carolina Theater, Durham, NC. dsbd all (72 min)

    Mike Watt

    1998/02/06 Jillian's, Long Beach, CA. Super Seven Stereo Soundboard CDR - Engine Room Live
    recording & computer editing by Gary Davis
    1998/03/17 Popular/Nighttown Cafe, Rotterdam, NL. daud CSSC > D7; Decent recording, but needs to have more bass EQ-ed in. There weren't sufficient people there to justify the CSSC's, the CSB's would have sounded better (72 min)
    1998/04/11 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL. daud CSB > D7; Nice recording (80 min)
    1998/04/17 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSSC > GG direct-box > Zefiro Inbox/AD20 > D7; Excellent recording, well balanced sound (95 min)
    1998/05/19 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI. daud all (60m)
    1998/05/20 Frankies, Toledo, OH. daud all (60m)
    1998/10/22 Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH. daud Marc-Sounds omni/roll-off > D8; all (60m)
    1998/10/30 Metro, Chicago, IL. dsbd opening for Mudhoney (60m)

    Widespread Panic

    1989/04/08 The Armory, Valdosta, GA. dsbd (2x60m).
    1993/10/31 University Center Ballroom, University of Montana, Missoula, MT. dsbd (90m).
    1997/03/29 Warfield, San Francisco, CA. dsbd 52 track ADAT (2x60m)
    1997/05/09 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL. daud all, Schoeps CMC64's > Beyer MV-100 > DAT (90m)
    1997/06/27 Morrison, CO. daud Schoeps mk8/mk21 > Schoeps VMS02IB > Apogee AD1000 (90m)
    1997/09/07 Harbor Lights Pavillion, Boston, MA. daud DooDah 13 (90m)
    1997/11/28 The warfield, San Francisco, CA. daud B&K 4011 > Lunatec preamp > Apogee A/D > DA-P1 (90m)
    1997/11/29 The warfield, San Francisco, CA. daud B&K 4011 > Lunatec preamp > Apogee A/D > DA-P1 (90m)
    1997/12/30 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA. daud AKG 480's > Beyer MV100 > DA-P1 (90m)
    1998/03/30 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSSC > Zefiro InBox/AD20 > D7; An OK tape when some EQ-ing is used (145 min)
    1998/06/16 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSSC > GG direct-box > Zefiro InBox/AD20 > D7; FOB, center. Reasonable tape, crowd noise (140 min).
    1998/06/21 WDR Festival, Loreley, St. Goarshausen/ Koblenz, Germany Satellite > DAT all (65 min).

    Keller Williams

    1998/05/15 The Curtain Club, Dallas, TX. daud NAK-CM300's > D100, all, opening set and intermission set, touring with SCI (60m)
    1998/09/11 Wool Warehouse, Albequerque, NM. dsbd all (3 dropouts due to sbd feed), 1 CDR or w/Apricot jam 1998/09/11 on 1x90m

    Nick Woodland + band

    1997/06/14 .mp2 download Markdorf, De. daud OKM-II > SBM-1 > D3; Karsten stealthed this show. It's an excellent recording (60m).

    Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

    1997/10/13 Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. daud CSB > D8; Taped by Jan, a little boomy but nice, occasional crowd noise (60m).


    1995/12/30 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA. dsbd Excellent; on a 90m together with 1995/12/31.
    1995/12/31 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA. dsbd On a 90m together with 1995/12/30; excellent, except for one zap of noise 15 minutes before the end of the show.
    1997/09/23 The Vouge, Indianapolis, IN. daud Recorded with Microtec Geffel M300 Cards (3' at lip of stage) > Aphex 107 mic pre-amp > Philips 5022 Sound Enhancer > DA-P1. This tape was treed as DooDah trees 5. (154 min)

    Classical concerts

    Sjostakovitsj .mp2 download Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Nl. daud CSB > D7; This is a recording of Sjostakovitsj's 8th Symphony, played by the Orchestra of the University of Amsterdam. This performance was taped by Harro, using my equipment in a spaced-omni setup. Harro dedicated the recording to Eva, one of the violin players in the orchestra. The registration of the concert is amazing, however you do hear the D7's mic-preamp noise in the quiet parts (75 min)

    Expected soon...

    The former section on 'Expected tapes' moved to a page of it's own.

    Ready to go...

    These are the tapes I currently have extra copies of. You can get these in exchange for blanks, or if you have something to trade, you already know the return tapes are ready to go and you won't have to wait...

    All these tapes are on my tapelist so you know where to look for the details...

    Phish 7/1/97 CSB-BR > D7 (2x MasterDAT 60m)
    Phish 7/2/97 Tascam PE-125's > SBM-1 > D8 (1x Maxell HS4/90)
    Phish 7/9/98 CSSC > GG direct-box > Zefiro Inbox/AD20 > D7 (1x KAOgold 90m)
    ABB 6/22/96 dsbd (2x MasterDAT 60m)
    Classical concert Sjostakovitsj CSB > D7 (1x MasterDAT 60m)

    Trading remarks:
    These tapes are not for commercial release. If I find out you're making profit using shows you've gotten from me, I'll haunt you and make your life miserable.

    Updated: July 9, 2000